Welcome to a vocal ensemble LYRA. We are from St. Petersburg, Russia. Our singing group consists of 4 members that are educated either as an opera singers/choir conductors in St. Petersburg Conservatory. Please, see and hear us here!

Andrei Sysoev – tenor and leader
Born in St Petersburg. Graduated from the St. Petersburg conservatory. Won International competition of Sacred Music in Roma, Italy in 1995 as the conductor of a chamber choir "SingerBridge". Works as a choir master in St. Peter’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg. Act as an active composer too.
Aleksei Goloviznin – basso
Born in the Karelian ASSR Byelomorsk. Graduated from the State Conservatory in Saint-Petersburg. Actively touring musician. Well-known in St Petersburg as a jazz-singer.
Zlata Gogol – mezzo
Born in St. Petersburg. Graduated from the City Academy of Culture. Actively touring musician. Well-known in St Petersburg as a Baroque solo-singer.
Marina Busse – soprano
Born in Great Novgorod. Studied in State Conservatory of St. Petersburg as a solo singer. Actively touring musician. Well-known in St Petersburg as a singer and a vocal trainer.


We have wide performing experience.

Usually we perform two kinds of programs: Mixture or Sacred.

Below you can find the examples of our two programs.

Our mixture program usually consists of two parts: 1st. part - sacred music of Russian Orthodox Church. It contains pieces of both our famous composers like Bortnianski, Tchaikovski, Tchesnokov, Rachmaninov, Gretchaninov and not very well-known out of Russia, but great masters of choir music. And then we continue with some of Russian and word vocal solo classic pieces.

In the second part of the concert we sing Russian folk songs in all their variety: comic, lyric, dancing, love songs. This is how our usual, basic program looks like.

Example of Mixture (our usual, basic) program:

PART I - Russian Sacred music and popular classics

1. Hosanna K. Kuralesin
2. Praise the Name of the Lord M. Stupnitsky
3. Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit D. Bortnyansky
4. Gladsome light A. Sysoev
5. Under Thy Grace P. Tchesnоkov
6. Hail Virgin Mother of God (Bogorodice Devo) S. Rakhmaninov
7. Plaisir d'amour G. Martini
8. Gremin's Aria (from “Eugene Onegin”) P. Tchaikovsky
9. “In uomini, in soldati” (from “Cosi fan tutte”) V. A. Mozart
10. “The Cats” G. Rossini

PART II - Russian Folk Songs and Popular Music

1. “In The Forge” – Russian Folk Song Arranged by A. Sysoev
2. “Hey, My Little Winter” (Love song) – Russian Folk Song Arranged by Unknown
3. “Poruska-Poranja” – Russian Folk Song Arranged by A. Sysoev
4. “Do Not Tend To Wind Thread” – Russian Folk Song Arranged by A. Sysoev
5. Golden Bee – Cossack Folk Song Arranged by A. Sysoev
6. “Don’t believe, my friend” P. Tchaikovsky
7. Sailors K. Vilboa
8. The air of Snow Maiden (from “The Snow Maiden”) N. Rimsky-Korsakov
9. Romance S. Rakhmaninov
10. Kalinka – Russian Folk Song Arranged by A. Sveshnikov
All items in the program are subject to change.

Our Sacred program consists of two parts of best Russian Sacred music. Here we include also examples of our ancient church music. Russian Sacred music is unaccompanied but we use some piano just to sing some beautiful solos which usually sang with the accompaniment of choir in Russian tradition.

Example of Sacred program:


1. The Nativity of Christ A. Degtiarev
2. Song of Simeon A. Arkhangelsky
3. Song of Simeon (Nyne Otpyshaeshi) V. Samsonenko
4. Holly Lord! P. Tchaikovsky
5. The Secret Evening A. Lvov
6. Mercy of Peace A. Arkhangelsky
7. Lord you came from heaven to earth A. Sysoev
8. Song of Simeon A. Sysoev
9. A prayer to the Mother of God S. Rachmaninov


1. In Thy Kingdom Mironositsky
2. Bless The Lord, Oh, my Soul Flegmenko
3. Cherubic Chart Lomakin
4. Angel singing Tchesnokov
5. Only begotten Son Starorussky
6. Let my prayer be clear Tchesnokov
7. Hosanna Kuralesin
8. Many Years Bortniansky
All items in program are subject to change